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Yu is an office worker and is about to get married. Her department head is an obnoxious, incompetent person who always sexually harasses others. But then, when she was not careful, she made the wrong data in the contract. Luckily, the department head helped her, but on the condition that she had to go play golf with him. And before that, he would teach her how to play first. While teaching Yu, he touched her all over her body. Because he helped him, Yu let it go. Coming to the golf session with his partner, after completing a round, Yu went out to rest and drink water. Unfortunately for her, the department head had already mixed aphrodisiacs in the water. She gradually lost control of herself and let him trample and ejaculate inside her. But her body was addicted to this feeling of pleasure. Even though she hated the chief, she wanted to be fucked more by him. And then, she always looks forward to going golfing with her department head. Whenever that occasion comes, the department head will give her special training courses before the golf session takes place.

MIAA-607 The employee who was about to get married followed her boss to play golf and it ended
 Movie Code: MIAA-607 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yu Shinoda